Blakely Bering, artist and founder of Bering Art Collective, is making big waves outside of her Houston, Texas “Art Farm”, the Garden Oaks area property where she works and lives.

A Carnegie Mellon University graduate, Blakely has produced fine art for national and international collections. Blakely believes it is important for the work to go out into the world and speak for itself in the years to come. Her work is timeless and elegant, connecting peacefully with every eye.  As she paints, oils and pigments and crushed elements (metals and glass) collide to create frozen moments of organic atmospheres. Leaning over, and leaning in, Blakely has transformed the “Texas Dip” into a beautifully choreographed presentation of the artist as alchemist operating from an ariel view. The catalyst for the finishing process relying on the powerful rays of southern sunshine. 

Blakely believes that original art is one of the bloodlines of life, one in which she is deeply rooted. Her artistically minded family always nurtured her creativity and natural entrepreneurship, encouraging her to believe in herself which developed a fierce confidence within that anything she set her
mind on would be accomplished. As a result, Blakely was able to bring her inner spirit to life through her paintings. Now she is living her dreams, making beautiful art and transforming spaces with serenity, peace, and wonder.

Blakely also serves as Creative Director for JLA Art, an on-trend, home goods company as well as being a mentor among other artists and women professionals. Her art works can be found at retailers such as Neiman Marcus, Horchow, HomeGoods, At Home and Target as well as many
national galleries.

Blakely Bering - Local Artist

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